I am a communications professional with a Master Degree in communication and business studies.

I work as Market Manager at KMD


I am a skilled, empathetic and well-liked leader that brings colleagues and teams together, facilitates knowledge sharing and instils motivation.


I am a professional communicator that can build a strategy and bring it to life ensuring that it educates, motivates and engages the target group.

International understanding

I have worked with numerous global companies and in cross cultural teams. I know how manage internal politics, processes and stake holder management.


I am a competent and trustworthy advisor in matters ranging from leadership communication and change management to product launches and media engagement.

Skills /

Here is a list of my skills


I am a skilled and well-liked leader that brings colleagues together, facilitates knowledge sharing and instils motivation. I truly believe in teamwork and always strive to help people reach their full potential.

I also possess an apt coordination gene, which enables me to work systematically focussing on deadlines as well as details.


I am a competent and trustworthy consultant in matters ranging from product launches to crises management. I have consulted local and global clients, large corporations and small businesses. I move on the executive level, amongst the production staff and in the marketing department with general ease.


I have a creative mind that develops new strategies and a professional pride that ensures they are executed to high standards.

I am an apt communicator skilled at identifying stories and making them relevant to the receiver. I have delivered a complete turn-a-round of communications in British American Tobacco Nordics; managed numerous change management project e.g. been Nordic project manager for the communication surrounding Kraft’s acquisition of Cadbury; managed the Danish part of the EU commissions “Climate Change” champagne; planned and executed PR for Shells launch of FuelSave95 and the launch of Halo 3, the world’s largest computer game.

International understanding and networking

Currently I work for a global Fortune 500 business and in my previous jobs, I have been a consultant for similar companies and worked regularly across borders. This requires me to have a comprehensive international understanding, a strong aptitude for networking as well as a flair for managing internal politics. Working across cultures and professional backgrounds suits me as I draw energy from diversity.

References /

Here is a list of my recommendations


This recommendation is written by Director of Communiqué, Michael Buksti. Communiqué bought Plus PR (formerly known as InformationsGruppen) in 2008 and became my boss.


British American Tobacco

This recommendation is written by Head of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Northern Europe Cluster, Morten Boje Hviid. Morten has been my line manager since I began working for British American Tobacco in January 2012.



To read more recommendations please visit my Linkedin profile.

About me /

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I am a communications professional with a Master Degree in communication and business studies.

During the past 10 years I have worked with both internal and external communication in a number of PR and communications agencies and in a global FMCG business.

I have extensive experience in building and delivering successful communication strategies, advising others in communication matters and as a project manager for teams, PR campaigns, internal change processes etc.

I have a commercially mindset and a talent for managing internal politics and stakeholders. I truly believe diversity makes a positive difference and appreciate working across countries and cultures. I move with similar ease in the corridors of business executives as on the factory floor and believe an effective communication professional needs to be able to do both.

I many ways what I do I simple: Identify the core, shape a relevant and engaging message and deliver it through the right channels ensuring it gets noticed and understood. Measure the effect, learn and do it even better.

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Hasselvej 1, 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark

Phone: +45 51 29 32 20

Email: info@rumle.dk